Charli XCX Dances In A Warehouse In The Video For Her Pop-Trap Banger ‘5 In The Morning’

06.28.18 8 months ago

Charli XCX has become one of the more prolific pop singers and songwriters in modern times, so it’s hard to say she ever has anything approximating a drought. When she released the single “5 In The Morning” in May, though, it was her first solo track since she released her Pop 2 mixtape in December. Now she’s shared a new video (directed by Bradley & Pablo) for the track, and in it, she dances in a dramatically lit warehouse to the trap-influenced song.

Beyond this, it looks like there’s still plenty to come from Charli XCX: About a month ago, she tweeted that we’ll be seeing a lot of her throughout the rest of 2018, writing, “I am going to release a lot music this year. And a lot of videos. You’re gonna be so f–king sick of me.”

She reiterated that point in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, saying that whether or not her next release is an album or a mixtape, she just wants to make a ton of music:

“When I was doing Number 1 Angel, I was differentiating between the two [albums and mixtapes] a lot. But now, I kind of don’t. I think I will make [another] album, but what even is an album anymore? My intent at the moment is that I just want to be releasing as much music as possible, whether that’s collaborations or my own songs. I think that just because it’s called a mixtape doesn’t mean it’s less valid. Over the past year and a half, I’ve realized how much I love being in the studio and how much I love collaborating and how much of a good curator I am. I just want to do that, whether that’s in mixtape form or album form or whatever.”

Watch the video for “5 In The Morning” above.

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