Chiiild And Lucky Daye’s ‘Good For Now’ Confronts The Risks Of Vulnerability

Chiiild is the featured artist on Lucky Daye’s “Compassion,” a track on Daye’s Grammy-nominated album Candy Drip from last March. Nearly one year later, the roles are reversed. On Tuesday, January 10, Chiiild released “Good For You” featuring Daye from his forthcoming album, Better Luck In The Next Life.

The ethereal single begins with strings before settling into a soothing guitar base. Throughout, Chiiild gives listeners a vulnerable glimpse into his stream of consciousness — reflecting on impermanence and the risks of falling in love. “Tell me that we’re dreaming,” he sings. Don’t say that we’re in love / Whatever this is, it’s good for now.”

Daye’s verse only compounds the song’s evocative punch, representing the potential pitfalls of a relationship: “And now you’re mad at me, hard feelings and tragedy / Feeling are bad for me, oh, bad for me / ‘Cause I end up shattering all / I stay even if it changes.”

Also Tuesday, Chiiild announced that Better Luck In The Next Life will arrive on March 3.

In November, Chiiild dropped his adventurous single “Bon Voyage” and provided insight into the larger themes that will be found on the album: “My aim with [Better Luck In The Next Life] is to give you a look inside my mind. Into the doubts, fears, ambitions, and a few connections along the way. It was a form of healing, putting these real situations into songs. When everybody is out here on the same thing, we’re just out here levitating.”

Listen to “Good For Now” above.