Childish Gambino Explains Why Making ‘Awaken, My Love!’ Was ‘Actually Really Hard’

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Less than a week ago, Donald Glover unleashed upon the world “Awaken, My Love!”, his latest musical offering under the name Childish Gambino after revealing the funky singles “Me And Your Mama” and “Redbone.” However, despite the joyous results, the creation of Awaken, My Love! “was actually really hard,” according to Glover.

“It’s funny,” he told Australia’s triple j radio in his first interview since album’s release. “I think people hear the album and, to be completely honest, it wasn’t a lot of fun… I was going through a lot, and I also think in America we’re going through a lot right now, with everything that’s going on.”

He also responded to Questlove’s Instagram post praising the album in classic Glover fashion: “Him being like, ‘it’s a sucker punch ‘— I like sucker punches. I like things that you’re not expecting. You know, the feeling of expecting water and getting lemonade, your brain kind of flips. We play with pictures and sounds that affect people in ways they don’t realize are happening until the fifth listen.”

Listen to Glover’s full interview below, and check out the just-released VR video for “Me and Your Mama” here for a glimpse at what could possibly be on that mysterious VR vinyl.