It Took A While, But Chris Brown Finally Shares The Full Version Of ‘Lady In The Glass Dress’

Two years ago on September 16, Chris Brown released his critically acclaimed X album. To celebrate the anniversary, he decided to dig into the vaults and release a full version of “Lady in the Glass Dress.” Anybody who heard the album knows we only received it as an interlude clocking at one minute and 16 seconds.

Getting a longer two minutes and 48 seconds complete song is like finding money in your pocket that you forgot about. I’m sure many people who listened to X just figured that Chris actually made something that short for whatever purpose. But, nope, it was actually just clipped. This unreleased version adds a new verse as well as a bridge.

Chris makes the song more relatable and adds on to the excellent concept. He sings, “I’m telling you I want you but saying you don’t care/ Begging you to stay with me but you staying right there/ When will you try?”

Even at almost three minutes, this version feels like a teaser. Maybe it’s just the quality of the song being so high that I want more. It also makes you wonder if there’s a full version of “101” laying around. I guess we’ll find out at a future anniversary.