Chris Brown Got A Neck Tattoo. Of The Face Of A Beaten Woman. Who Resembles Rihanna. NBD.

I think by this point my feelings about Chris Brown are abundantly clear, yet there’s still a part of me that wishes he’d stop being a petulant twat so that I, and other people who dislike petulant twats, don’t have to hate him so much anymore. Seriously, dude, just let me like you. Just stop being an jerk at every turn for the love of god.

But, of course, that’s too hard for a guy like Chris Brown. He just can’t help himself. So instead he goes and gets the image of a beaten woman — who bears a striking resemblance to Rihanna, the woman he famously almost beat to death — tattooed on his neck. Because why not?! Oh, but don’t worry, you guys, it’s all okay because…

Reports the Daily Mail:

But sources close to Chris insist any similarities (to Rihanna) are purely coincidental, telling TMZ: ‘It’s a random woman.’

Oh, that makes it all totally not disturbing at all, thanks!

Brown recently had the other side of his neck tattooed — one of “an indian chief transforming into a wolf.” HE’S SO EDGY!

If there is a God, Drake will soon unveil a neck tattoo of Rihanna going down on him, escalating the Chris Brown/Drake beef to the ridiculous level it deserves to rise to.

(Via Daily Mail)