Chris Janson Sang The ‘Truck Yeah’ Remix Nobody Asked For During The Third Day Of The RNC

There is certainly no scarcity of entertainment when it comes to the Republican National Convention. From wildly theatrical entrances to plagiarized speeches, the RNC thus far has procured more spoiled drama than any of the The Real Housewives franchises could provide.

The third day of the televised event held in Cleveland, Ohio was no exception, as it introduced a new cast of characters who brought forth fresh headlines. Ted Cruz took the podium and was booed following his non endorsement of Trump, Newt Gingrich was accused of fear mongering in discussing what a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean for America, and Chris Janson spurred repeated cheers of “Trump Yeah!” as he sang a remixed version of Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah.”

Replacing every “truck” with the last name of the official Republican nominee sparked spastic gyrations amongst the convention’s attendees that can only loosely fall under the definition of “dancing.” Trump standing amongst his children seemed to enjoy Janson’s rendition of the tune as he looks on smiling with pursed lips and liberally throwing out thumbs up.

With the looming finale of the RNC this Thursday, we can only speculate what juicy drama its end will offer. Though it likely won’t be brought to a satisfying close with a sit down hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get our hopes up for a dramatic conclusion with the same caliber of any other trashy reality show.