Chromatics’ New Track ‘Dear Tommy’ Might Give You Chills

Portland-based dreamy synth quartet Chromatics have finally returned with a moody new title track, “Dear Tommy,” off their forthcoming album — their fifth — which does not yet have a release date. The last album the group recorded was 2012’s Kill For Love, but the group has slowly been releasing tracks from Dear Tommy since last year, including “Just Like You,” “I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around,” “In Films,” and “Shadow.”

The new song possesses a dreamy yet apocalyptic sound — like something that might play during the ending credits of an artfully done horror movie. And the video, which was directed and edited by the band, matches the noir tone by showcasing sinister imagery like poison apples, blood-soaked instruments, smoke, red roses, broken glass and glitchy closeups against dark backdrops that evokes dread and may send a chill up your spine.

The group’s mastermind, Johnny Jewel, is likely responsible for the more cinematic tone that the music has taken on as of late: He’s been working scoring movies, including the Belgian drama Home, which is premiering at the Venice Film Festival next month. The movie also includes unreleased Chromatics and Symmetry music. The group’s music has also been featured in other films and television shows. Fans have been waiting for this record a long time, but hey, we got Frank Ocean this year, maybe Chromatics will come through too.

(Via Pitchfork)

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