Clay Aiken Compares ‘Boring Ass’ ‘American Idol’ Judges To A Root Canal

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If Clay Aiken was invisible, he wouldn’t be on Twitter, complaining about American Idol‘s “boring ass” judges.

Claymates everywhere rejoiced last night when the season two runner-up, who should’ve won for his performance of “Solitaire” alone, tweeted about American Idol. It wasn’t what they were expecting, though. Aiken began by saying he hasn’t watched Idol in a decade, and “you never know what you’ve got til it’s gone,” a reference to the singing competition finally ending after 15 seasons. He then shared his opinion of the show’s blandly inoffensive current judges, Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban.

Simon, Paula, and Randy, they ain’t.

Aiken then praised the contestants from Raleigh, North Carolina, his home state (and where he ran for Congress), before going back to the Idol bashing.

He ended his diatribe by saying, “When your favorite team that you’ve cheered for for years happens to play a sh*tty game, you’re absolutely allowed to be upset about it. We’re all more critical of the things we care about most. When you really love something you only want the best for it, and you have high expectations from those you know are capable of it.”

Aiken’s not wrong. A large part of Idol‘s appeal in the early seasons was Paula’s aloofness and Simon’s snotty attitude. The new judges are a bunch of Randys: They lack a defining character trait. You could replace any of them, and no one, save the biggest Maid in Manhattan fan, would care.

It’s time to let the sun go down on American Idol.