Clipping’s ‘Splendor & Misery’ Short Film And New Song ‘Body For The Pile’ Are Here To Melt Your Brain

12.15.16 2 years ago

Los Angeles-based noise-rappers Clipping have released a ton of music this year, or maybe it just feels that way because Splendor & Misery and their Wriggling EP are a lot to take in. If you were having trouble digesting their sound before, we can’t say that this new short film based on the album will help. But if you’re already on board with the sound and aesthetic of Daveed Diggs’ and Co., then this post-apocalyptic collage of noise and infants might be right up your alley.

Much in the same way they weren’t content to give us just one release this year, the group also dropped another piece of content for their fans today. The group shared “Body For The Pile,” an aggressive, industrial mash that is set to appear on NOISE a compilation of just that put out by Adult Swim’s William Street imprint. In addition to Clipping, the album will include contributions from Arca, Wolf Eyes, Prurient, Tanya Tagaq, and the legendary Melt-Banana. Check out their contribution below:

For more on Clipping — particularly their excellent additions to the soundtrack of 2016 — take a look at their brain-melting performance of “A Better Place” on Corden and don’t miss our feature on how Splendor & Misery came about.

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