The Coachella And Bonnaroo Organizers Are Planning A Colorado Super-Fest

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The backlash against the glut of music festivals has been growing to a dull roar as they spread throughout the country. But Coachella and Bonnaroo organizers might just be too busy counting money to hear it. The parent companies of those two massive U.S. festivals are reportedly teaming up to create a super-festival in Colorado.

According to Westword, AEG and Superfly are trying to start a new festival on the grounds of Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course. The alt-weekly reports that the planned festival was run by residents for the first time at a community hearing in the course’s clubhouse on January 30. But AEG’s Live Rocky Mountains CEO Mike Morris said the project has been in the works for at least six years, when his company’s Mile High Fest was shuttered. However, this new festival is still strictly hypothetical for the time being.

“This is not a done deal by any stretch,” said AEG’s David Ehrlich at the meeting, according to Dancing Astronaut. “We will not do this festival here if the community doesn’t want it.”

If the residents of the neighborhood should reject the festival, AEG and Superfly have other sights around the city in mind.

“We’re in the phase of looking at all options,” Morris told Westword.

Here’s where we put the reminder that AEG is headed by a man who donates his money to organizations that push back against gay rights and the acceptance of climate change science.