A New Documentary Detailing Coachella’s First ’20 Years In The Desert’ Premiered Its Trailer

2020 marks the 20th year of Coachella, one of the world’s most storied and well-known music festivals. To celebrate, YouTube Originals is hosting a new documentary about the festival, titled Coachella: 20 Years In The Desert, and has released the film’s first trailer. You can watch the trailer, which promises to detail the history, performances, and untold stories of Coachella’s first 20 years (it was founded in April of 1999, although it skipped 2000, which is why 2020 is the actual 20th iteration of the festival).

According to the trailer, the film itself will premiere March 31, just ahead of the Coachella festival itself, which is scheduled for April 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, and 19 this year. A press statement from YouTube promises that the film will cover some of the festival’s most pivotal performances, included Billie Eilish, Blackpink, Kanye West, and more, along with “exclusive, never-before-seen footage and interviews” documenting the festival’s beginnings and subsequent double decades of game-changing, Monday-morning water cooler fodder performances. It won’t be the first documentary about the fest to hit streaming services, though; in 2019 Beyonce’s Homecoming followed her HBCU-themed 2018 performance, still one of the most-watched performances at the festival to date.

The festival just released its 2020 lineup, which will feature Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, and Rage Against The Machine. Stay tuned for more information and be on the lookout for Coachella: 20 Years In The Desert March 31.

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