Coi Leray Lets The Men Know That Girls Are ‘Players’ Too On Her New Single

Though Coi Leray only dropped her major label debut album, Trendsetter, this past April, she’s already gifting fans with her new music. On her latest single, “Players,” Leray takes control of the game, and embraces her inner player.

“If he broke then you gotta let him know / You could have anybody, eeny, miny, moe / ‘Cause when you a boss, you could do what you want / ‘Cause girls is players too,” raps Leray over a sample of of “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five.

“Players” arrives after weeks of Leray teasing the song on TikTok. In a recent interview with I-D, Leray said TikTok has been essential in helping propel her career, however, she knows she is more than a simple flash-in-the-pan. While she aims for more longevity than viral memes, she hopes to help her peers in the game navigate the industry from the beginning of their careers.

“People tried to make me out to be a TikTok artist and limit me to just being a social media girl,” Leray said. “Now you see in 2022… everybody and their grandmother’s on TikTok. There’s not one major artist not asking, ‘How do I get on TikTok?’ It’s one of those things where you gotta educate your peers, and I’m here to do that, for real.”

Check out “Players” above.