Coldplay Announces A New EP ‘Kaleidoscope’ And Shares The Wistful Ballad ‘Hypnotised’

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The speculation about Coldplay’s demise have apparently been greatly overstated. Today the British pop-rock group announced that the impending arrival of a brand new, five-song EP titled Kaleidoscope that’s set to drop on June 2. To help build some buzz for the new mini-album, Coldplay has also shared a new song named “Hypnotised.”

“Hypnotised” is no “Viva la Vida.” It’s a gentle ballad, more in line with songs like “Green Eyes,” or “Yellow.” In it, front man Chris Martin sings about needing “a brand new coat of paint,” but ends on a happy note saying, “It was dark, now it’s sunrise.” They’ve shared the new song via a trippy lyric video directed by Mary Wigmore which you can check out above.

Last month the band unveiled a collaboration with Chainsmokers titled “Something Just Like This,” that’s slated for inclusion on the new EP. Snark all you want about the pairing of two of the most maligned acts of the 21st century, when “Something Just Like This,” went live, it actually broke YouTube’s single-day streaming record with nine million views. Seems like there are more Coldplay and Chainsmokers fans out there than many would care to admit.

Check out the Kaleidoscope track list below.

1. “All I Can Think About Is You”
2. “Something Just Like This”
3. “Miracles 2”
4. “A L I E NS”
5. “Hypnotised”

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