Kid Cudi Is The Lone Survivor When ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Parodies ‘The Walking Dead’

While most of us anxiously await the return of AMC’s last kingpin program, The Walking Dead (sorry, Turn and Halt and Catch Fire fans!), we’ve thankfully got a little something to tide us over. No, we’re not talking about Fear the Walking Dead, but rather a parody by way of Comedy Bang! Bang!

While host Scott Aukerman does his best Rick Grimes impersonation (or maybe he just has something rough in his throat), Kid Cudi has to deliver the bad news. And more bad news. And even more bad news. Suffice to say, Kid Cudi is a better comedian and musician than fighter if all of his crew didn’t make it back to the compound.

All Walkers aside, or “Groaners” as CBB calls them, Cudi seems to be easing into his role replacing Reggie Watts really well. If he could only wield a sword half as well as Michonne, maybe some of his friends would still be alive.

Comedy Bang! Bang! airs Thursdays at 10:30 E.T. on IFC.

(via IFC)