Corey Feldman Is Trying To Fund A 22-Song Double Album And Only You Can Help

03.26.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

Corey Feldman is known, primarily, as an actor. Well, in truth, these days he’s not really known for anything. Some people have fond memories of, say, The Goonies, but those days are long behind him. Well, Mr. Feldman also fancies himself a bit of a musician, evidently. He has a few albums to his name, and now, he’s headed to Indiegogo to try and fund a massive new album that very well may be the pinnacle of his life’s work.

In Feldman’s extensive pitch for his album, he says he needs $105,000 in order to record a 22-song double album entitled Angelic 2 the Core. This has apparently been brewing for 10 years, and Feldman describes his music as “literally a sound of the ages.” So, if nothing else, Feldman is clearly excited for his vision.

As of Saturday afternoon, he’s raised a little over $2,500, so clearly he has a long way to go. That’s a little below his goals, but maybe that’s because people are aware of his “concert” he gave after a State College Spikes minor league baseball game. It was so disastrous that the Spikes felt the need to apologize for how bad the performance was. This won’t stand in Feldman’s way, because as he sees it, “I know from the track record I’m on my way 2 breaking into the Billboard charts, I BELIEVE with the right backing and financial support I have got what it takes 2 get my 1st official Billboard hit.”

If nothing else, movies like Sharknado 3 will always be willing to give him a cheap, semi-exploitative cameo.

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