Courtney Love Has Spent $27 Million In ‘Nirvana Money’ Since Kurt Cobain’s Death

Rough couple of days for Nirvana. First, Arcade Fire performed a toothless cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and now comes word from Courtney Love herself that since Kurt Cobain killed himself, she’s spent over $27 million in “Nirvana money,” mostly on settling various lawsuits.

“I lost about $27 million. I know that’s a lifetime of money to most people, but I’m a big girl. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, it’s Nirvana money. I had to let it go.” (Via)

Once you become a famous musician, everything can be explained away by “it’s rock ‘n’ roll.” That dog I kicked into the river? It’s rock ‘n’ roll. Pooping into the orifice of a man getting a heart transplant? It’s rock ‘n’ roll. Taking the last slice of pie? It’s rock ‘n’ roll, baby.

“I make enough to live on. I’m financially solvent. I focus on what I make now.”

What Courtney makes now is directly proportional to how many times Starz airs Man on the Moon.

Via the Sunday Times