Courtney Love Is Now Accusing Dave Grohl Of Trying To Bang Frances Bean, Her Daughter With Kurt Cobain

04.11.12 7 Comments

Okay, three things…

1. Courtney Love recently came out of hibernation to remind the world that she is certifiably insane. She hates Dave Grohl, and she has proven time and time again that a Twitter account in her hands is a bad idea.

2. Dave Grohl might just be God.

3. Frances Bean Cobain is ridiculously hot and has a restraining order against her mother because she’s a crazy person.

Now, mix all of these ingredients together and what do you have? Courtney Love accusing Dave Grohl of at least trying to bang, if not banging, his late bandmate’s daughter on her “secret” Twitter account.

Reports Stereogum:

(Love’s) account (which is set to private) veered into creepy territory as she lobbed accusations at Dave Grohl, who was allegedly handsy with his former bandmate’s daughter recently. The tirade also questions the nature of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who Courtney points out is the “submissive drummer” and looks like Kurt, and brings up that Grohl’s daughter is named “Violet,” which Love supposes is after one of Hole’s biggest songs. She also said “its [sic] I’m going to kill” and that Grohl has “romney rape thing about him.”

Screengrabs of the crazy tweets in question are below…

How much longer can this person be allowed to roam the streets unsupervised?

(HT & screengrabs via Stereogum. Gif via.)

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