Crystal Castles Capture The Sheer Mania Of EDM Concerts In Their New ‘Concrete’ Video

Depending on your affinity for sweaty crowds, pulsating lights and millennials donning flower crowns, Crystal Castles‘ latest music video will have you either reaching for your own floral adornment ready to take part in the revelry or getting ready for a nap, exhausted from just having simply watched the debauchery synonymous with EDM.

The video for the electronic duo’s latest tune, “Concrete,” comes from their impending fourth album, which is the first with the band’s new vocalist Edith Frances — who replaced Alice Glass a few years ago. In it, Frances sings to the camera over the track as she sashays backwards into the crowd of elated EDM goers. Her hair falls in her face as her neck weakly holds up her head showing that she’s either fully given into the beat or is having the rave experience enhanced by something a bit more synthetic.

With the high energy beat and disorienting flashing lights, “Concrete” welcomes viewers into the sort of pseudo reality that attracts so many fans of this type of electronic music. The true feel of these vibrant concerts is found here, and Crystal Castles absolutely succeed in encapsulating it, love the shows or hate them.

Keep an eye out for the band’s upcoming album featuring “Concrete,” and check out the dates for their newly announced tour kicking off in September in Carrboro, North Carolina.