DaBaby Posted A Video Of Him Knocking Out Rapper Cam Coldheart In A Louis Vuitton Store

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Charlotte rapper DaBaby doesn’t mess around when it comes to hecklers. On Saturday the “Suge” rapper posted a series of videos showing him knocking out rapper Cam Coldheart, who apparently approached him inside a Louis Vuitton store. The videos begin from Coldheart’s perspective and show him provoking DaBaby before getting his pants knocked off — literally.

Coldheart began recording DaBaby and provoking him with insults, “You a b*tch. He walking up on me and sh*t like he about to do something. What you gon’ do? What you taking your sh*t off for?”

DaBaby then began recording from his perspective. He started walking toward Coldheart who began slowly backing away. The end of the clip shows Coldheart throwing the first punch before the video gets shaky.

The last clip shows DaBaby’s victory. Coldheart is lying sideways on the ground with his pants down and a bloody nose.

DaBaby posted the clips to Instagram with the caption, “When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong.”

Coldheart took to his own Instagram to tell his side of the story. DaBaby claimed he was the only one who knocked Coldheart out, but mall security says it was two people.

“Everybody thinking [the fight was] one-on-one,” he said. “Two people jumped on Coldheart. And I’m still here to pick up my Louis V belt.”


This wasn’t the first time DaBaby knocked someone out on camera. At a recent show, a heckler came up behind DaBaby while he was performing. DaBaby knocked him out with the mic still in hand.