This Man’s Driving Videos Make Him The Coolest Embarrassing Dad On The Internet

(NSFW audio)

This video climbed to the top of Reddit after only a few hours, though it was disguised as a mirrored clip called “When your son doesn’t know what real hip-hop is!!” While the caption suits the video perfectly, all due credit belongs to a man known as Queenzflip. He’s gathered up quite a collection of Instagram videos taken from inside his car. In all of the clips, he rages out to hip-hop as he flies down the road, and one of his children humors him (while sometimes enduring a mild headlock).

In this particular clip, Mr. Queenzflip rocks hard to “Ante Up” by M.O.P. featuring Busta Rhymes. He flings his son’s cereal into the back seat and rocks the car back and forth. The look his son gives him at the end of the clip shows that he’s familiar with the scene, and indeed, many of Queenzflip’s videos are quite like this. In another video, his text-messaging daughter gets interrupted by a stream of water. Her stunned expression turns to bemusement as her dad rips his shirt off to the music.

Dad feels the music, alright. He’s embarrassing and more than a little bit dangerous, but hey, no one has gotten hurt yet. Let’s hope that never happens. Here are some more madness-filled clips featuring Queenzflip and his very patient kids.

(NSFW audio)