DaniLeigh Faces Two Assault Charges Following An Incident With DaBaby Captured On Instagram Live

A few months ago, DaniLeigh gave birth to her first child with DaBaby. The two rappers originally broke up in February, but are still caring for their child. Their relationship has definitely had its ups-and-downs, exemplified by an argument the two had over the weekend that was captured on Instagram Live. Both rappers shared their side of the story, but the entire ordeal ended with DaniLeigh now facing two assault charges.

The filmed argument kicked off while DaniLeigh was feeding their child in bed. They traded insults back-and-forth, with DaniLeigh claiming DaBaby had been absent in the first place and was now trying to make her leave his apartment. DaBaby eventually called the police to try to get her removed and even claimed he had video evidence of her hitting him.

The assault charges DaniLeigh faces after the altercation were confirmed by local Charlotte news outlet WSOC-TV. After the on-camera argument, police showed up at DaBaby’s apartment Sunday and informed the rapper that he had to go to the magistrate’s office to pursue charges. Officers were reportedly called back to DaBaby’s apartment on Monday, who then informed them that DaniLeigh had assaulted him again. After a police investigation, DaniLeigh faces two counts of simple assault charges from both Sunday and Monday incidents.

Following their original Instagram Live argument, both rappers took to their own accounts to relay their side of the story. “End of the day no big deal I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing I just want her peacefully removed which they need to hurry up do as we speak I ain’t even want that behavior on display but it’s okay,” DaBaby wrote on his Instagram Story.

DaniLeigh also shared her account of the situation, saying she’s been living with DaBaby, cooking him meals, and taking care of their child when DaBaby said he wanted her gone. “Tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout ‘I need to go’ don’t matter where I go,” she wrote. “Mind u… I have a new born child, so he said I can go to a hotel.”