Dave Chappelle Recounted His Surreal First Meeting With Lil Nas X In His New Netflix Stand-Up Special

Just before 2023 ended, on December 31, Dave Chappelle wrapped up his year with a new stand-up comedy special, The Dreamer, for Netflix. It’s definitely one for Lil Nas X fans to watch, as Chappelle devoted some time in his set to recounting his first meeting with the rapper.

Chappelle explained:

“I know a dreamer when I see one, and I’ve met many powerful dreamers in my life, none more powerful than the man who calls himself Lil Nas X.

I met this n**** at a party, I had no idea who he was. But the minute he walked in that party, I knew I was in his dream. Everybody in the party was another dreamer. Everyone was famous, but when that n**** walked in, he was dressed like C-3PO. He was shining! And everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, there he is! That’s Lil Nas X!’

I didn’t know who he was. For some reason, out of all them dreamers, he walked right up to me. And he said, ‘I tried to get you in my video.’ I didn’t know what the f*ck he was talking about. I said, ‘What? What video?’ And he was just looking at me like, ‘You know what video,’ and walked away. And I watched him walk away. I said, ‘Man, this n****’s having a very powerful dream.'”

Check out the clip below.