Lil Nas X Sends You To Heaven Or Hell With A Hilarious New Game He Made That You Can Play On X/Twitter

It looks like Lil Nas X is revving up for a big 2024. He recently launched a website that asks users to “save” him from Satanism (it’s all a big joke, of course). Now he’s continuing down that thematic path with a new interactive game he made on X (formerly Twitter), dubbed “Heaven Or Hell.”

The rapper announced it yesterday (December 26), tweeting, “HEY YALL I JUST MADE A GAME! GO PLAY RIGHT NOW! LET ME KNOW IF YOU MAKE IT TO HEAVEN!”

That tweet shares a tweet from the game’s X account, @HeavenOrHellOnX. The tweet is the start of the game and it reads, “Welcome to Heaven or Hell! The interactive twitter game where you have a chance to make it into heaven…. or hell! Will you fly high with the angels and party with god or will you suck satans d*ck and bunk with hitler?”

Subsequent tweets kick off the choose-your-own-adventure game, with your first choice being to pick your gender. The options are boy, girl, or other, and (one minor spoiler to illustrate the nature of the game) if you choose “other,” the result is, “No no no god is pretty clear on that stuff [heart emojis]. Game Over! You’re going to hell.”

There are plenty of other paths to go down, so check out the game above.