Dave Grohl Broke His Leg During A Concert And Kept Playing, Because He’s A Hero

Usually when Dave Grohl is in the news, it’s because he’s doing something awesome for a fan. This time, though, the news is bad: Grohl broke his leg Friday night during a Foo Fighters show in Sweden.

According to reports, Grohl jumped down from the stage early in the band’s set, suffering a serious leg injury. Grohl tried to be a sport and keep the show going, finishing Queen’s “Under Pressure” before leaving the stage to have the injury attended to. Grohl did take time to address the crowd, telling them that he was fairly certain he had broken his leg, and asked Taylor Hawkins to replace him.

Eventually, according to reports from Reddit, Grohl returned on crutches and in a cast, to perform at least a couple more songs, including “My Hero.”

Basically, Dave Grohl is rock and roll personified. Still, this is a bummer for fans who were at this show, and those who had tickets for a Foo Fighters show in the near future because, at best, Grohl is going to be limited in his performances for a while. It’s just not the same watching a guy hobbling around on crutches, or sitting in a chair like he’s B.B. King. Nevertheless, it seems it takes more than a broken leg to take down Dave Grohl.






(Via TMZ, Reddit)