Dave Grohl Designed That Amazing Foo Fighters Throne Because He Got High

Dave Grohl is an everyman, that’s part of why he’s so popular. Apart from the whole being-the-world’s-biggest-rock-star thing, he just seems like the type of person who does all the stuff we do – he takes out the trash like the rest of us, he makes mac n’ cheese out of the box like the rest of us, he gets high and sketches crazy things from his imagination, like a throne made out of guitar necks that shoots lasers, like the rest of us.

Foo Fighters’ July 4 show in Washington, D.C. – the band’s first since Dave Grohl broke his leg in June – was full of memorable moments. But the thing everyone seemingly wanted to talk about after the show was that chair Grohl was sitting on, unable to move due to his continued recovery. During a pause in the show Saturday, Grohl explained how the throne came to be, and it turns out the creation was the result of a lot of Oxycontin, as you can see in the video above.

So I took a couple Oxys – don’t touch that sh*t – and I drew a picture. I said “you know what, if we’re gonna go out and do that Washington, D.C. show …” I was high as a f*cking kite when I drew that picture! I said “I’m not missing that show for the world, you build me that throne and we’ll play Washington, D.C.”

Would have made a pretty good verse for Afroman.

Here’s the full drawing, in case you couldn’t catch it in the video.