Dave Grohl Gave A Fan On Crutches One Of His Own Shoes To Help Her Heal

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Dave Grohl has a well-earned reputation for being the nicest guy in rock. You rarely hear the Foo Fighter talking smack about anyone, and over the course of his career he’s gone a long way to helping out both superstars in his peer-group, friends and regular fans in whatever way he’s able. That reputation got another mark in its favor recently during a tour stop in Washington D.C.

Grohl was backstage before a show when he met a fan named Sabryn who was on crutches. As she told the Alternative Press, “Dave brought him [his orthopedic doctor] out once he saw that I was on crutches, and that’s when his doctor mentioned that I was supposed to wear a shoe with my brace.” Apparently, Sabryn was out and about without a shoe on her damaged foot, and being that she was at a concert at that moment, wasn’t really in a position to get one anytime soon. That’s when Grohl, the rock and roll hero that he is, sprung to action.

“I told him that my shoes didn’t fit over it because it’s pretty big and my shoes are kinda small. So Dave said, ‘You need one of my big high tops!’ and I laughed it off.” Sure enough, he went back to his dressing room and gifted Sabryn with one of his kicks. “I wore it for the rest of the night after Dave told me to put it on,” Sabryn tells us. “It’s definitely one of the coolest things to ever happen, and probably the funniest.”