Dave Matthews Knocked On A Fan’s Car Window To Ask For A Bar Recommendation

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The Dave Matthews Band “fire dancer” sticker is as widespread as the Blink-182 rabbit isn’t. It tells fellow motorists, “Hey, I’m chill because I like DMB, and I probably own some cargo shorts, too.” Lord of the brah, Dave Matthews, who previously hitched a ride to his own concert, saw the sticker on a woman’s car while stuck in traffic and acted like an insane person.

Matthews pulled over a DMB fan stopped in standstill traffic near his hotel on Monday. The unsuspecting superfan says she heard a tap on the window, looked left, and screamed…”Holy sh*t!! Dave Matthews’ face is in my car window!” She immediately pulled over, ’cause y’know…it was FREAKIN’ DAVE! (Via TMZ)

Freakin’ Dave asked for a local Atlanta bar to get drunk in. The fan replied Article 14, before adding with a wink, “Don’t drink the water.” At that point, he crashed into her car and busted her stuff on the crowded street and fled the scene. Police are on the lookout for a “chill dude.”

(Via TMZ)