Does Anyone Know What’s Happening With This Very Bizarre David Lee Roth Red Carpet Interview?

05.17.15 4 years ago 7 Comments

Here’s a lesson for today’s pop stars: you can either wear all sorts of outlandish things, or nothing. Be as provocative as you want in the name of artistry, and flaunt your questionable decisions all over social media (and that’s just Miley Cyrus), but the king of being batsh*t insane will always be David Lee Roth. Bow down to this national treasure.

Roth and Van Halen are set to perform on Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards — for reasons we’re still trying to figure out — and the singer was interviewed on E!’s red carpet special. He proceeded to be David Lee Roth in all his bizarre glory.

He starts out on solid footing, discussing Van Halen’s dance influence and how what they did in the ’80s has informed today’s pop music, which is OK. But things pivot, and quickly go off the rails. Somehow, West Side Story, low-riders, and Roth’s abundance of black and hispanic friends all come up. You really should just watch.

And that’s saying nothing of the fact that Roth is casually wearing a plaid vest over an Under Armour shirt with a newsboy hat. Get on his level, Miley.

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