Sex, Drugs, And Spandex: Looking Back At David Lee Roth’s Party Resume

10.09.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

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The list of rock-star party stories spans six decades, but few rockers truly rise to the level of party rock god. You could probably count on one hand the rockers who truly created a mystique simply based on their reputation for debauchery: GnR, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, and, of course, David Lee Roth.

Yes, David Lee Roth is a singer, but, as reviews will attest, you don’t go to a Van Halen show to hear Diamond Dave’s voice, you go to see the human cartoon that is David Lee Roth (and Eddie’s guitar wizardry).

Roth’s party days have long faded, but during those first six albums the singer cut with the band, the guy lived it up. In typical Roth fashion, he told BuzzFeed about those days.

“We lived our lives like roughnecks,” he says. “Roustabouts, circus carnies. I wonder if it’s still a dream to live the way we lived. I know the success part of it is. Not just the partying, but the travel, the late nights, not just with groupies, but with all kinds of colleagues in a variety of other pursuits. I wonder if I even see that in people’s eyes.”

In celebration of Roth’s 61st birthday and the completion of a Van Halen tour that actually ended rather pleasantly, let’s look back at some of the many highlights on Roth’s party resume.

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