Deadmau5 Is Still Beefing With People, This Time With ‘Stupid F*ck’ David Guetta

EDM’s favorite DJ/bobblehead, Deadmau5, took to Twitter to air his frustrations after footage of a recent David Guetta performance involving a live horse and dancers wearing Native American headdresses emerged online.

Deadmau5 sent out a series of tweets with the proper @s in place to make sure Guetta and the owners of club where the spectacle took place, Pacha, got the message that animals and nightclubs don’t mix. In the rant, he called both Guetta and Pacha “stupid f*cks” and described the DJ as “sh*tty” and “overpriced.”

Deadmau5 backed up his statements after news outlets, particularly Billboard reported them, in a hilarious tweet saying no one – animal or human – should have to be subjected to David Guetta’s music.

You can watch the footage of the horse-in-a-club performance below.

Who knew David Guetta, Ryan Adams, and Arcade Fire would have something in common?

(Via NME)