Watch Deadmau5 And Tommy Lee Talk About Why They Were Banned From Coachella

Adding to the list of celebrities who now have web series based around the idea of driving around and talking while drinking coffee, Deadmau5 took a ride with Peter Pan rock star Tommy Lee to ask the Motley Crue drummer a variety of questions, from why he gave away his very first gold record (he was “really f*cked up”) to the details of the Crue’s upcoming farewell tour (“one last hurrah with the original guys”). While most of the “Coffee Run” conversation is just bros chatting like bros, Tommy did recall a humorous story involving the two stars and a higher-up at Coachella and an incident involving them landing a helicopter in the middle of a crowded field.

According to Tommy, the man he calls “Toilet” was pissed off about something involving flaming vans and vowed to never let Motley Crue play at Coachella again. And somehow Deadmau5 was involved and he was banned, too. If anything, it’s worth it just to watch Deadmau5 gun his Ferrari Spider 458 and see the look of terror on Tommy’s face.

(Heads up: If you want to see just the Coachella part, it starts around the 7:20 mark. That way you can skip the BROmalities.)

Actually, my favorite thing about this “Coffee Run” is that Deadmau5 makes Tommy Lee pay. That just makes me smile.

(H/T to Consequence of Sound)