Deafheaven’s First New Song In Three Years, ‘Honeycomb,’ Is Pummeling, Expansive, And Beautiful

Update: Deafheaven has also announced their new album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, due on July 13 from Anti-.

It’s been nearly three years since we’ve heard new music from Bay Area metal band Deafheaven, when they released their critically adored third album New Bermuda. That was the follow-up to another beloved album, their breakthrough 2013 effort Sunbather. But it seems like 2018 will be another banner year for the band anchored by core songwriters Kerry McCoy and George Clarke, as they have released a new song in the form of “Honeycomb,” with more expected due before the year ends.

“Honeycomb” is everything that fans have come to love and expect from the band. It’s long as all hell, clocking in at nearly 12 minutes. It’s blistering at its most intense, with drums that defy all logic with their relentless pummeling. And it’s strikingly beautiful, which is the element that makes this band accessible to fans who aren’t necessarily into metal. The sum total of these things is a song that is definitively Deafheaven, hitting on everything that the band does well without feeling a bit like a retread.

The song was released today along with a video that features performance clips and behind-the-scenes footage of the band, all with the kind of low budget look that feeds into nostalgia. Check out the clip above, and look for Deafheaven’s next album on Anti- later this year.