Denzel Curry Went Full Hardcore Punk In His New Spotify Sessions Set

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Denzel Curry teamed up with an eclectic set of artists for a new Spotify Sessions recording.

The Florida rapper’s innovation with genre has been acclaimed by many music critics (including our own Aaron Williams), but Curry took his hybrid sensibility to another level with his Spotify Sessions set. If you’re not familiar, Spotify Sessions are usually made up of one re-recording of an artist’s standout track and one cover. Curry saw an opportunity and ran with it. For his cover of “I Against I” by hardcore legends Bad Brains, Curry got Bad Brains themselves to back him up on the track.

Curry took over the vocals, but his cover of “I Against I” remains pretty faithful to Bad Brains’ own version — that is, a hardcore punk song. On his most recent album Zuu, Curry proved that he’s an adaptable and adventurous talent, and this cover proves that once again. He’s one of the most exciting rappers in the game right now, but Curry could also start a killer punk side project.

Fitting with the rock theme, Curry also recorded a new version of “Clout Cobain | Clout Co13a1n,” which appears on his 2018 album Ta13oo. For that one, Curry has Toronto band F*cked Up on backup, giving the song a thrilling rock edge.

Listen to Curry’s Spotify Sessions tracks below.