Denzel Curry Has Teamed With Kamasi Washington, Terrace Martin, And More For A Protest Song, ‘Pig Feet’

Like many Americans, musicians are upset over the death of George Floyd. Now, a group of them have gotten together to voice their displeasure: Terrace Martin recruited Denzel Curry, Kamasi Washington, G Perico, and Daylyt on a new protest song, “Pig Feet.”

Curry begins his verse, “Helicopters over my balcony / If the police can’t harass, they wanna smoke every ounce of me / Breath is alchemy, see how the life converted / You tell me life’s a female dog, well I’m perverted.”

Martin wrote of the song on SoundCloud, “Someone asked, how do I feel? I told them hurt, fearless, angry, aware and fully ready to protect me, my family & my people at all cost. I got together with Black men that felt the same way and created a work of truth. PIG FEET.”

This comes shortly after Curry penned a lengthy message to his followers about the current situation, writing on Instagram:

Dear all my supporters and people who follow this page,
After looking at most of your comments in my last post about the current situation happening in the USA it seems a lot of you are Extremely insensitive, Extremely Ignorant, and most likely come from places where you don’t have to face the prejudices that my people and myself face on a daily basis. To you I’m just an entertainer and I’m suppose to dance for your support of my music and craft but now I’m here to say F*CK ALL THAT. We are living in one of the worst times in America it’s even got to the point that I don’t even want to consider myself as an American when most people don’t treat my people as American let alone human. Most of you say there’s no reason to riot but in our defense there’s no reason to be killing my people when they didn’t do anything to deserve it. The tension in the United States has got me at a crossroads and I’m here to tell you it’s either you With Me or Against Me. I don’t agree with senseless violence and that goes for both ends… I advocate for doing the right thing. With all these slick comments I see it sounds like none of you get the real problems we face today . Some say we can protest peacefully which is true, Martin Luther King JR protested peacefully and he still was assassinated so what you expect when you’ve tried everything to keep your anger from boiling over. I watch a lot of people get off Scott free for the murder of unarmed black men and women in America and the justice system has let them go every single time which results in what’s going on, This Sh*t has to end and it starts here. So If you don’t like what I’m saying unfollow me now I could give a f*ck less about people who ain’t down to stop BAD Cops from killing us. But if you’re with me help prove the justice system can work for people like me and help me raise awareness and educate the masses on what’s happening in America today. I want Justice for George Floyd, I want Justice for Trayvon Martin, I want Justice for Oscar Grant, I want Justice for Treon Johnson, I want Justice for Sandra Bland, I want just for all that were murdered for the color of there skin, And if you not with that then exit now.”

Watch the “Pig Feet” video above.