Denzel Curry’s ‘Speedboat’ Video Highlights His Terrible Circumstances In Carol City

Denzel Curry released the music video for “Speedboat” Wednesday. The track is the second single for Curry’s brilliant Zuu, a fiery collection of wall-to-wall bangers. After the video came out, Curry tweeted that “Speedboat is a metaphor for the fast life/money. It’s not literally about a speedboat.”

Curry explains how he made “Speedboat” in the clip below.

The video starts with a shot of Curry sitting in a chair with a voiceover.

“You free to do what you want, but you don’t want to put yourself into situations you can’t get out of,” Curry says. “Once you get in it, ain’t no turning around. That’s how it go in Carol City.”

Camera shots switch through a gun range, a drug deal, a woman praying, sports cars racing on the expressway, a man playing a scratch-off lottery ticket, and a shot of a Bible. The video officially starts at the: 55 mark, where Curry and a friend are in a two-door white convertible for the video’s establishing shot with narrow highway roads as the backdrop.

A few seconds later Curry’s seen inside one of the racing sports cars. The video interrupts twice for confessional-style videos of a man and woman describing Carol City, as Curry continues his pursuit of the fast life in one of the sports cars. The video ends with Curry working in a convenience store, confirming his pursuit is still on.

Watch “Speedboat” in the clip above.