Here’s What ‘Despacito’ Sounds Like As A Kendrick Lamar Song

Youtuber Anthony Vincent, known for his channel Ten Second Songs, shared his latest video, a cover of tourism-boosting “Despacito” featuring 26 ten-second clips of the song in the style of famous artists, including Kendrick Lamar, PSY, and Queen. “Despacito” has been breaking streaming records, turning Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee into household names in the US and abroad, so Vincent, who previously covered Justin Bieber’s dancehall-cribbing “Sorry,” System Of A Down’s angry “Chop Suey,” and Katy Perry’s trap-inflected “Dark Horse,” was only too happy to take on the challenge.

The highlight hits when Vincent very impressively duplicated Kung Fu Kenny’s nasally vocal tone and inflection, switching up the music to a near-perfect reproduction of Kendrick’s “Humble” beat. However, Kendrick Lamar isn’t the only artist that he mimics to perfection, as he delivers a pitch perfect simulation of Sublime, a hysterical impression of Iron Maiden, and an A1 take of Tears For Fears. Nickelback, Slayer, George Strait, and even Ritchie Valens make appearances in the clip, all sounding plenty close enough to the real thing to wonder what would happen if some of these bands really decided to cover “Despacito.” While it seems pretty unlikely that Slayer or Rammstein would be interested in covering a reggaeton pop number, I’d still pay a handsome sum to get N*Sync back together to see what they do with it.