Did ASAP Ferg Change His Name?

Yesterday (May 14), ASAP Ferg shared a new song called “MDMX,” but the tune is raising questions about what name the rapper is going by these days.

Did ASAP Ferg Change His Name?

The new song is credited to just “Ferg,” not “ASAP Ferg.” The song has not yet made it to streaming platforms, where his name is still listed as ASAP Ferg (stylized as A$AP Ferg). His name is listed as just Ferg, though, on the Roc Nation website, as well as on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

When Ferg signed with Roc Nation in 2021, Variety noted that Ferg “will go by just Ferg for his non-A$AP efforts.” A statement from Roc Nation also noted, “Ferg is very much still part of the Mob, and is A$AP Ferg within A$AP Mob… Ferg as an individual artist and with his solo career is Ferg.” So, unless the plan has changed since then, it appears he will go by both Ferg and ASAP Ferg depending on the context.

Meanwhile, Ferg also just made headlines for his new Gabby Elan grill. The piece pays tribute to late figures like Takeoff, Virgil Abloh, and ASAP Yams by featuring their faces on it, as Complex notes.

Watch the “MDMX” video above.