Did Jordan Poole Take Ice Spice On A $500,000 Date?

According to Complex, Washington Wizards player Jordan Poole apparently responded to the rumors of him dating Ice Spice, after a kid approached him at a recent meet-and-greet. Fans had been wondering if he took the rising star rapper on an extravagant date.

“Definitely not,” Poole replied, shutting the rumors down directly. “Definitely cap!”

This conversation started after Cam’ron used his It Is What It Is show to toss off some thoughts, claiming that Poole was not only interested in Ice Spice but had a lot to say about how their date was affecting his games. Ice Spice has yet to respond.

“Jordan Poole, you spent $500,000 on an Ice Spice date,” Cam’ron said. “You’re a munch and you’re playing like a f*cking munch. This is not you from last year, bro. Go back to Milwaukee and figure it the f*ck out and get back in the playoffs ’cause you look crazy. ‘Cause I had your back last year!”

“She don’t give a f*ck, she from the Bronx, bro,” he added. “Fordham Road, have you been to Fordham Road? Jordan Poole, next time you go to New York, go around Fordham Road, Concourse, Highbridge, South Bronx. You gone see what you spent $500,000 on and be like, ‘Yo, I was wilding.’”

Check out the video of Jordan Poole denying the Ice Spice dating rumor here.