A Judge Ruled Diddy’s ‘Gang Rape’ Accuser Must Reveal Her Identity For The Lawsuit To Continue

The woman suing Sean “Diddy” Combs saying he “gang raped” and “sex trafficked” her was ordered to reveal her identity by a judge, according to a new report in Billboard. The anonymous woman filed the lawsuit late last year, alleging that Combs forced himself on her in 2003 when she was 17 years old, saying she was encouraged to file suit after a similar lawsuit was filed against Combs by his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. While Combs maintained his innocence, the judge’s ruling may have significant effects on the lawsuit in the future.

The judge, Jessica G. L. Clarke, wrote in her decision, “While the court does not take plaintiff’s concerns lightly, the Court cannot rely on generalized, uncorroborated claims that disclosure would harm plaintiff to justify her anonymity.” Clarke acknowledged this decision “could have a significant impact on [the plaintiff],” but insisted that specificity would be needed in the case to confirm that her claims are true, citing recent lawsuits against Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein. Clarke must still rule on Combs’ motion to dismiss the lawsuit altogether, which she has yet to do. If she decides the case will continue, Jane Doe will need to reveal her identity.

Jane Doe’s argument for remaining anonymous hinges on a belief that if her identity is made public, she could be subject to retaliation from Combs’ supporters or Combs himself — which is a legitimate concern, considering threats made to witnesses in the sex trafficking case against R. Kelly. However, the judge believes getting the truth is more important than potential threats — especially if the truth is as egregious as Jane Doe claims.