Diddy Was Apparently Banned From Being The Joker For Halloween, But His High-Effort Costume For 2023 Is The Perfect Revenge

Last Halloween, Diddy had easily one of the year’s best costumes with his phenomenally executed Joker look. It appears Warner Bros. didn’t like that and actually forbade Diddy from wearing the costume again, but he still managed to stick it to the studio this year.

Diddy was a Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest on October 30 and at the end of the conversation, when the host asked what he was planning to be for Halloween this year, the rapper responded, “Last year, I was the Joker, and I actually got a letter from the studio that I can no longer be the Joker.” Kimmel asked why and Diddy continued, “They said it broke their trademark, that I did it too good. I swear I have this letter. I swear to God. From Warner Bros.”

Kimmel, forever stirring the pot, responded, “Well do it again, then. Do it again!” Diddy leaned into it, declaring, “So tomorrow… Warner Bros. lawyers, can you see me? Put this camera on right here. The head of legal: Tomorrow, watch what I do.”

After the show, Diddy took to Instagram to expand on the story, holding the papers he supposedly received from Warner Bros. “I don’t know what I’m going to be this year,” he said, later adding, “You win, I’m not going to be the Joker this year.” At the end, though, the video teased, “Stay tuned.”

Now, this morning, Diddy made his grand reveal. True to his word, he didn’t dress up as the Joker, but he kept his costume in the same universe, sharing a scripted, high-production-level video of himself as, who else, Batman (“The Darkest Knight,” as he called his version). In the video, Diddy’s Batman confronts a studio executive in his office and demands they end the ongoing actors strike.

In conclusion, Diddy has mastered the art of malicious compliance.