One Of Diplo’s Sexual Assault Accusers Has Dropped Their Lawsuit Against Him

Earlier this month, a second woman stepped forward to accuse Diplo of sexual assault in a new lawsuit. The alleged victim claims the incident occurred after one of the producer’s concerts at the Wynn Hotel back in 2019. After being brought to Diplo’s private room after the show, the woman says that he would not let her leave the room until she performed oral sex on him, an act she reluctantly did after seeing no way to exit the situation. She also claims he recorded the encounter without her permission. Less than two weeks after it was filed, however, the woman decided to drop the suit against Diplo.

According to court documents that TMZ has obtained, the woman withdrew the lawsuit and shared a statement with the publication. “In light of the evidence and after consultation with my attorneys, I have decided to withdraw my lawsuit,” she said, adding, “No payment was offered or requested. I regret filing the lawsuit.”

Diplo’s attorney also shared a statement after receiving word that the lawsuit was dropped. Bryan Freedman told TMZ that he and his client are happy the lawsuit was dropped and after hearing what the alleged victim had to say, they “will not be pursuing charges of malicious prosecution against them at this time.”

He added, “There was absolutely irrefutable evidence that proved that the allegations it contained were false. As soon as we shared that plethora of evidence with the plaintiff’s lawyers, they recognized that they needed to withdraw their suit immediately.”

Diplo still faces a lawsuit for sexual battery, assault, defamation, infliction of emotional distress, and fraud from his ex-girlfriend Shelley Auguste.