DJ Earworm Combines All Of The Year’s Hot Hits For His ‘Summermash ’16’ Mashup

You probably know DJ Earworm from his “United States of Pop” mashups. For years now, DJ Earworm has been collecting the biggest hits of the year and blending them all together into one song and, generally speaking, it tends to sound pretty good. He’s on a short list of folks who can very capably synthesize the sound of the year and also manage to make it work as a jam. However, Earworm doesn’t just limit himself to trying to sum up the year in mashup form now. He’s branched out into what has arguably become the crux of pop music: the song of the summer.

This year, DJ Earworm brings us his “Summermash ’16.” He’s taken many of the contenders for the song of the summer for this year and done his mashup thing with them. Based on a cursory look at this mashup, it seems like Rihanna and Drake are the queen and king of this summer, respectively. The two each appear on three songs in this mashup, including “Work,” Rihanna’s song featuring Drake. Perhaps surprisingly, there is only one Beyoncé song. Perhaps Lemonade didn’t strike DJ Earworm as being particularly full of “bangers.”

When it comes to mashups, DJ Earworm is one of the more distinguished artists in the genre, so if you like mashups at all, check out “Summermash ’16.” The video that accompanies it is a nice addition as well.