DJ Khaled May Be A Major Key To Jeb Bush’s Presidential Campaign

Despite being in the music industry as the guy who yells his own name at the beginning of some of the most popular rap songs of the last decade, it has only been the last few months in which DJ Khaled became a major cultural figure due to his awkward, yet oddly inspirational Snapchat videos. His Snapchat is completely unpredictable and proves anything can happen… if you have lots of money and influence. There are fewer people on this planet who could be described this way than Jeb Bush, who not only has his own family name, but also the money in the Republican war chest of the Koch Brothers.

A meeting between these two, in a manner of ways, happened on Tuesday when Jimmy Kimmel had DJ Khaled on his show to film an inspirational video in a fashion that only he could for a presidential candidate that needs a little motivation at the moment. Khaled unleashed his full arsenal while giving his fellow Floridian the keys to success by telling Bush to not play himself, to water his own plants, use lots of cocoa butter, and to eat a healthy breakfast with a full green apple. Khaled says all those keys will lead him to the presidency. Clearly, the video is meant to be satirical.

However, one person is taking the video seriously as Jeb Bush who is beginning to use the major keys from the video in his campaign, hoping it gives his campaign some more popularity.

And oddly enough, that wasn’t the end of it. A SuperPAC in support of the Bush campaign, Right to Rise, even erected a billboard using Khaled’s words to help promote the candidate.

Jeb Bush is hoping these keys to success will bless his campaign. They don’t want him to win, as Donald Trump currently leads in the polls, but with Khaled’s help, anything is possible, including bringing a Bush to the White House… another one.