‘Colbert’ Made Perfect Use Of DJ Khaled Clips To Recap Kevin McCarthy’s Drawn-Out Bid To Become Speaker Of The House

Over the weekend, Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker Of The House. It took four days and 15 votes to get here, but here we are. Now the late-night shows have gotten a hold of the news and run with it on their Monday (January 9) episodes, including The Late Show. Steven Colbert’s staff’s take on the situation made use of some choice DJ Khaled clips.

The brief segment is introduced, “And now, a summary of Kevin McCarthy’s bid to become Speaker Of The House, featuring DJ Khaled.” From there, a Khaled-style instrumental played under news clips about the McCarthy proceedings, and as the various anchors share news of each subsequent vote, a Khaled clips interjects with one of the producer’s classic catchphrases: “Another one.” The video ends with an anchor noting, “The concessions to the right that led to his victory could leave him the weakest Speaker in modern history.” To that, clip Khaled responded, “Congratulations: you played yourself.”

As for what Khaled has been up to lately, he was recently pretty happy after buying Eminem’s Nike Air Jordan 4 “Encore” sneakers. Meanwhile, looking forward, he’s one of the most-nominated hip-hop artists at the upcoming 2023 Grammy Awards.

Check out the Colbert segment above.