Jay-Z, Diddy, And Fat Joe Helped DJ Khaled Unveil His Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

DJ Khaled has claimed yet another major key, and this one is forever. The DJ, producer, hype man, and all around party starter, was honored with the 2,719th star on the illustrious Hollywood Walk Of Fame. People came out in droves on Hollywood and Vine to witness the “I’m The One” maestro be honored with a star on the famous sidewalk and DJ Khaled was joined in the ceremony by some high profile friends in Jay-Z, Diddy, and Fat Joe.

“It’s just not me, it’s we,” Khaled said when standing on the podium. “I’m doing this for my kids… I just wanna make it super clear, we’re just getting started. Anything you’ve seen me do before. Just imagine at the more trillionth power level ever. Cause I’m not stoppin’, I’m making more music… they ain’t believe in us!”

He thanked his wife and kids profusely, before Fat Joe took to the stage to say some words on Khaled. “When I met him, he made me move out of New York to Miami,” Joe said. “When I think of Khaled, I think of love. That’s the only reason why you see the heavyweights here like you see them.”

“I remember that day when you told me, ‘They don’t believe me, Puff.’ I was like ‘Khaled, what are you talking about? You’re doing great…’But they don’t believe me.” Diddy began. “I remember from that day, you worked all the way up. You’re a pioneer; you’re an icon and a brilliant businessman. But most importantly, you’re a great friend to all of us here…Your energy and your work ethic is unmatched, we celebrate you for everything.”

Khaled was overcome and his Instagram page currently filled with photos and videos illustrating how grateful he is for the honor. “This right here, my star, I want my star to represent the light, the love that shines on everybody,” Khaled told the crowd, before adding, “There’s only one Khaled, that’s all I have to say.”