DJ Paris Hilton Just Made Nearly $3 Million In Four Nights And Your Head Just Imploded

I’m sorry to be the person that ruined your Sunday, but apparently the grossness that is Paris Hilton is being paid about $350,000 an HOUR to do NOTHING. But what else is new, right? Cue the angry sighing.

Paris Hilton scooped $2.7 million for four nights work as part of her new two-month DJ tour.

The heiress kicked off her run of 13 gigs with a set at Ibiza’s Amnesia club, where she has a residency, on Wednesday night, but she was blasted for earning her huge $347,000-an-hour pay packet for simply ”pressing play” as other workers reportedly did a lot of the technical work.

An Ibiza source told The Sun newspaper: ”She’s making $2.7million from the four nights – $347,000 an hour.

”The crowds do seem to enjoy it but most are too off their faces to care that she’s simply pressed play on a Beyoncé megamix.”

Paris has appeared to confirm she received the sum for four nights work after retweeting a fan’s message about her big wages.

The tweet read: ”Only Paris can do this RT @SuperiorPics Paris Hilton ‘getting paid $2.7 for just FOUR nights work as DJ in Ibiza”’

Lord only knows why people like her continue to have money showered on them for no good reason, while I’m stuck shuffling four different jobs every week. Maybe I should choose better friends? Welp, back to cutting my coupons for milk and eggs.

Via AZ Central