Do Drake And Bobbi Althoff Have Beef?

Over the past few months, internet users have discovered Bobbi Althoff — a social media personality who gained traction by interviewing rappers like Drake and more celebrities. Her deadpan personality raised questions as to whether she actually liked the people she was speaking to.

This was elevated when fans had noticed that Drake unfollowed Althoff shortly after their interview, as she had also been spotted at his concert — in a viral moment where she does the same deadpan expression. Their interview was also eventually removed.

Here’s what to know.

Do Drake And Bobbi Althoff Have Beef?

According to Althoff, no, they don’t. She recently appeared on Keke Palmer’s podcast, where she was asked about Drake and the unfollowing.

“He’s a very nice person,” Althoff added. “Him and Funny Marco. Both of them definitely changed my whole entire life.”

She also answered that the two speak quite a bit, with the last time she talked to Drake being “a couple weeks, maybe a month ago.”

Later in Althoff’s interview with Palmer, the two touched on the rumors about her being an “industry plant,” as they joked about sharing the same manager. “I don’t have any ties, though,” Althoff said. “I feel like my life would have been a lot easier if I had ties.”