Doja Cat Follows Her ‘Edited’ Written Apology With A Half-Hour Instagram Live Session

Over the weekend, Doja Cat got into some trouble with the online community after controversial videos and other material resurfaced. She quickly offered a written apology/explanation, but that apparently wasn’t all she had to say on the matter. Doja followed that up with a 30-minute Instagram Live session last night, in which she further expanded on the situation.

She began her broadcast by being completely transparent about her written apology, saying, “The apology that I posted is absolutely an edited piece from me and the people I work with. Like any business, like any conglomerate, there would be many people trying to protect what’s going on, and that’s exactly what we were trying to do.”

Doja goes on to say, “My behavior isn’t something that always needs to be followed. I’m not perfect. At the end of the day, I shouldn’t be doing dumb sh*t. But also I need to stand up for myself instead of making a video that’s diplomatically and politically correct.”

Elsewhere during the broadcast, she played snippets from some pre-recorded apologies that she made but ultimately abandoned, revealing that she racked up 98 different takes before deciding to do it live on Instagram instead. She said, “There’s nothing more [disingenuous] than making a f*cking edited video and asking other people — by the way, I’ve counted: 98 different apologies. There’s no better apology than me doing what I’ve always done: being on Live, telling you guys my f*cking truth, and being completely honest. It’s a hard time right now, but recording myself apologizing and recording myself sounding perfectly diplomatic is the biggest f*cking lie I can make to you.”

Watch the full video above.