Doja Cat Thrives On All The ‘Attention’ As She Dances Naked In LA In Her New Video

Doja Cat is back and better than ever. Tonight (June 16), she has made an epic return, kicking off her fourth album era with her new single, “Attention.”

On “Attention,” Doja switches it up, experimenting with jazz-influenced musical stylings. She addresses her haters, reminds them that even after a two-year break between albums she’s still the one to watch, and makes it know that her reign in the world of pop and hip-hop isn’t letting up anytime soon. But with this transcendental new single, she can add even more sounds to her already impressive repertoire

“Baby, if you like it, just reach out and pet it / This one doesn’t bite, it doesn’t get aggressive / Show you how to touch it, hold it like it’s precious It don’t need your lovin’, it just needs attention,” she raps on the song’s hook, delivering soft-tinged vocals over rattling percussion, before breaking into punchy rap bars.

In the song’s accompanying visual, Doja is seen walking around Los Angeles, as all eyes are on her. She is seen rocking a leather jacket, jeans, and a white midriff top, and these scenes are then juxtaposed with tasteful clips of Doja dancing in the nude through a kaleidoscopic lens.

You can see the video for “Attention” above.