Doja Cat Will Be The Latest Artist To Challenge The ‘Wings Of Death’ On ‘Hot Ones’

Over the past few months, Doja Cat has become as reputed for the rollicking rollout of her new album Scarlet as she is for her dismissively witty lyrics. But no matter how spicy her rhymes or comebacks to fans’ criticism have gotten, there’s still one thing spicier: The hot sauce lineup on Complex‘s wing-themed talk show, Hot Ones.

It was only a matter of time until their paths crossed, and this week, Doja will finally take on the “wings of death” across from Sean Evans as she attempts to answer deeply researched questions with her lips, tongue, and throat burning from Da Bomb. The show’s been on a bit of a … well… hot streak of late, catching Cardi B nerding out about WWII history and Justin Timberlake doing his best to explain his lyrical delivery on one NSYNC’s biggest hits that led to an annually popular meme.

You can only imagine, with Doja Cat’s love for chaos, how truly off-the-wall her interview has the potential to get. Although Evans usually throws softballs, he’s still got plenty of (cough cough) hot topics to discuss with the rapper, from her decision to shave off her hair and eyebrows to the reception her new tattoos have received to her past as a true-to-the-heart battle rapper. So, while he probably won’t ask her about some of her weird associations with alt-right figures, she’ll still have to sweat it out as Evans grills her about her career so far.

The new episode of Hot Ones premieres on Thursday.